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So lads and lasses and whatever else…

I was born in the month of November, which today leads me to wonder - what kinds of weird and wonderful lores and myths and whatnots are associated with this marvelous month?

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How to cast a spell the easy way

Nick Dutch does a pretty nice job of explaining the basics of spellcasting.  Compare with my article The Universal Ritual.


I wanna smack all the kids on tumblr that take ouija lightly

actually the occult in general

And on the other end of the spectrum, the people who are like “OMG NEVAR USE THE OUIJA BOARD IT’S A PORTAL TO HELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!”

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So I be reading about incubi and succubi… (tw: rape, obvs)

And what I can glean from between piles of information from tabletop RPGs and trashy romance novels is that they’re shape-shifting sexual-predator demony-things.  Some sources claim that they’re always horrible, while others claim that they can be pleasant.  I suppose it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that different ones could have different personalities.  It would seem that some might be some truly sick bastards, because if this story is true one assumed the form (more or less) of a woman’s husband and caused a miscarriage.  Oy.

Along the way, I found this website that offers to tell you how to summon and banish them… if you pay up.  Man, I’ve seen some shady fixes for one’s FOREVER ALONE status, but this takes the cake.

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