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Calling anybody familiar with Odin/Wodan - anyone ever heard anything along these lines?

So rather recently, somebody I know was contacted by… well, Odin.  Apparently.  He’s been an interesting fellow to deal with.  Pretty clever, insightful, and with the kind of personality you’d expect from someone known as the Allfather.

Today, though, things suddenly took a swerve into the Twilight Zone - and by that, I mean, “wait a minute, we’re dealing with some serious Alternate Continuity shit here.”

Y’all know the story of how Loki cut off Sif’s hair, was sent to the dwarves to get new hair, and decided to get some freebies along the way?  Welp, this Odin tells a rather… different story.

At some point there was apparently a war with the dwarves, during which Odin lost his eye.  Odin won, and essentially conquered them.  As tribute, the dwarves made three gifts - one being Mjollnir, intended for Thor.  Another was a bridle that allows him to “tame a black wind” (actually a horse - Sleipnir, presumably). The last was a scrying glass through which he could see anything he wished, created in lieu of the eye he lost in the battle.

I can’t find anything relating to this online, but I know the Internet can be a pretty crappy place to find lesser-known info, so I’m putting this out to see if anyone’s ever heard anything along these lines.

Bit of wisdom from Odin


"Some people think that gods never make mistakes.  That’s not true.  Gods cock up as much as anyone.  They just do it on a much grander scale."

Okay, I am a tiny bit less of a misotheist now.

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can someone direct me to a site where i can learn about paganism and/or witchcraft? or maybe talk to me about it? I’m kind of interested but I just don’t know where to start and what’s reliable and true or if its right for me and 

i literally have no idea where to start and i’m kind of ignorant on these subjects and i just want to learn? 

Well, lessee… first things first - there are a lot of books and stuff that will try to load you down with a bunch of pseudohistory, so I recommend reading these two sites to inoculate yourself against most of that:

I have some posts I’ve written that can help people develop a sense of what to be leery of:

Now, as far as resource go - you can take a look at my page, “Is Wicca Right For You?" and check out the links there.  Paganism/Wicca @ has some decent basic generic neopagan information.

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Next time you hear someone claim Christianity is just a mish-mash of old pagan religions, or anyone says anything positive about the movie Zeitgeist ever, remember this chart. 

This is a blatant misrepresentation of mythicism.  Zeitgeist has some things right, but it has so many things wrong that it’s hard to take anything from it. However, that doesn’t mean that mythicism doesn’t have any merits.  We’ve discussed this.  In any case, informed atheists don’t put any stock in Zeitgeist.  Want to know some mythicism, consult Carrier, Price, Thompson, Brodie, Doherty, etc.  I have some sources for anyone who’s interested.

Christianity does indeed carry over many tropes and conventions of its neighboring religions, but the similarities are less in-your-face than Zeitgeist would have you think.  Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth is an excellent website that puts what Christianity does and doesn’t have in common with its neighbors into perspective.

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how a
how ab
how abo
how abou
how about
how about n
how about no


So much approval.

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Just teaching…

This is so cute!

Not only is it adorable, but it’s pretty much the best depiction I’ve ever seen.  *saves and dies from its cuteness*

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Thoughts on working with a Trickster God


What makes a trickster?

I’ve been wondering this for a while. I keep looking towards a trickster god from a novel, wanting to work with him, but unsure if I could as I am not the pranking type. I don’t pull pranks, or lie without a reason, or anything I immediately associate with the word “trickster”. I look at who this god works with in the novel: a silver tongued spy who helps to overthrow a government. I look at myself: not that.

But then I think about this god’s other tricks: making a woman transgender, setting the lower class against the nobility, making crows into men, and I begin to wonder, does being a trickster mean what I thought it meant?

When I genderfuck and feel gorgeous, am I a trickster? When I speak about discrimination to people who don’t want to acknowledge that they’re wrong, am I a trickster? When my mother demands I change my clothes and I refuse, am I a trickster? When I kiss someone my friends disapprove of, am I a trickster? When I lie about where I am so I can go where I’m not really supposed to, am I a trickster?

A trickster or a teenager? How can I know?

When I delight in defying societal norms and what is expected of me, am I a trickster? Can I follow a trickster god just by being myself and not listening when I am told to change? Or perhaps by changing in ways others don’t want me to?

I am inclined to believe that the answer is yes.

I don’t recall any rule stating that you have to be Chaotic Stupid to be a trickster.  And consider for the moment that Loki lived with the Aesir for who knows how long - obviously he knows how to function and get along in society when it suits him.  I would also like to point out that lying and pranking willy-nilly are not prerequisites for tricksterhood - take a look at Nasreddin Hodja.

I don’t actively worship any trickster deities right now, but I’ve considered myself as a very likely trickster after I read up on the archetype and realized that I’ve been pretty much walking and breathing it since I was a very young child.

It’s also my philosophy that if you try to act like another trickster, then you’re missing the point of being a trickster entirely.  Without fail, tricksters march to the beat of their own drums.  My notion is that if you’re a trickster, you don’t really need to try to be weird… you just are weird.

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